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Programs & Services

The Mille Lacs Band's Family Violence Prevention Program

The Mille Lacs Band provides Assistance and resources to victims of domestic and sexual violence through a variety of programs and services.

Family Violence Prevention Domestic Violence community Advocacy Program(CAP)   has offices in Districts I,II, and III and provides outreach services in outer areas. The program offers the following advocacy services:
  • 24-hour crisis intervention
  • Arrangements for emergency housing and transportation to safety
  • Assistance in pursuing civil, criminal and family court remedies
  • Accompaniment to appointments as appropriate
  • Coordination of services provided by other agencies

  • The Women's Shelter  houses up to 18 people in an individual apartment-style setting with options for community dining and support groups. The shelter is staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and it houses victims of domestic and sexual violence regardless of the victim’s economic status or race. Adult male victims are offered an alternative shelter. Shelter advocates provide the following services:

  • One-on-one advocacy:   We provide advocacy counseling, safety planning, crisis intervention, emotional support, and alternative options.
  • 24-hour crisis line:  We offer help with safety planning, information about available options, crisis counseling, emotional support, and advocacy to people who are in an abuse-related crisis.
  • Temporary emergency shelter and safe homes:  We supply safe spaces so victims do not need to remain in or return to abusive situations due to lack of economic and housing alternatives.
  • Referrals and information:   We provide referrals and information about community resources to meet the special needs of individuals.
  • Court advocacy:   We can assist with orders for protection and criminal prosecution.
  • Transportation:   We offer transportation to court, police stations, and appointments related to safety and offender accountability
  • Outreach and community education: We offer community education training workshops for law enforcement agencies, schools, social service providers, faith communities, home health care providers, judicial system personnel, and medical professionals.
  • Public policy:  We advocate for policy development and legislative initiatives that support battered women of all ages and hold offenders accountable.

  • The Sexual Assault Program(SA)   is located in District I and provides the following services to all three districts and outer areas:
  • Crisis intervention
  • Short-term emotional support
  • Information and referral
  • Advocacy during related medical procedures
  • Support during related law enforcement investigations
  • Assistance in accessing emergency family services
  • Opportunities to participate in safe and supportive groups
  • Assistance with filing an order for protection

  • Contact the Family Violence Prevention Program

    Advocates can be reached 24 hours a day, seven days a week in any district by calling the 24-hour crisis line at 866-867-4006.

    Criminal justice intervention coordinator
    Cell: 320-630-6708

    Domestic violence community advocate
    District I
    17222 Ataage Drive
    Office: 800-709-6445, ext 4780
    Cell: 320-630-2691

    Domestic violence community advocate
    District II
    ALU office 106
    Office: 218-768-4412
    Cell: 320-630-2678

    Domestic violence community advocate
    District III
    502 Weber Ave., office 113
    Office: 320-384-7400
    Cell: 320-630-2676

    Family Violence Prevention Program administrator
    District I
    Office: 320-532-7793
    Cell: 320-630-2499

    Sexual assault
    Cell: 320-630-2426

    Women's Shelter
    Office: 320-495-3514